Constipation Relief with Homeopathy

Constipation Relief Homeopathy
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Constipation is when a person has less than three bowel movements in a week, and their stools are usually hard, lumpy, small, and dry. It is often accompanied by the need to strain excessively to pass stool. Constipation is a very common problem in the digestive system. Almost everyone goes through constipation at some point in their life. Even young children are prone to experiencing constipation. In this article, we will explore the world of homeopathy and its remarkable solutions for constipation relief.

Discover natural remedies that restore balance and promote digestive health, providing gentle solutions for your discomfort. Say goodbye to the debilitating grip of constipation and reclaim your quality of life. Whether you’re seeking relief for yourself or your child, our expert Dr. Beri offers personalized guidance and treatment.

Gentle relief with homeopathy

Escape the debilitating grip of constipation that robs you of quality of life and precious family time. Discover the effective solution in homeopathy, which efficiently manages symptoms and boasts an impressive success rate in combating constipation.

Experience complete relief with homeopathy:

  • Constitutional remedies restore balance in mind and body.
  • Natural relief from constipation, reducing stress and adopting exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • Promotes smooth expulsion of stools by stimulating rectum contraction.
  • Cleanses your colon for improved digestive health.

Understanding the causes of constipation

  • Low fiber diet, especially diets high in meat, milk, or cheese.
  • Dehydration.
  • Lack of physical activity.
  • Ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement.
  • Traveling or changes in routine.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Older age, as constipation affects a significant portion of individuals aged 60 and over

Effective lifestyle changes for managing constipation

  • Early treatment is key to preventing prolonged discomfort and suffering. Seek homeopathic attention to avoid years of distress.
  • Establish a routine of visiting the toilet at the same time each day to develop a healthy habit.
  • Incorporate a fiber-rich diet into your daily meals.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.
  • Make regular exercise a part of your daily routine to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Steer clear of dehydrating beverages like colas, alcohol, and caffeinated products.

Top 5 Homeopathic remedies for effective constipation relief

Homeopathic medicines offer a natural and safe solution for chronic constipation, without any side effects. Unlike laxatives, they are non-habit forming and provide effective relief.

Find relief through Dr. Beri’s expertise in homeopathy

Best homeopathic medicines for constipation are Opium, Alumina, Bryonia, Lycopodium and Collinsonia. It is, however, worthwhile to remember that self-medication is not recommended.


A highly effective remedy for persistent constipation is characterized by the absence of the urge to pass stool. The stools are round, hard, and black in color. They tend to protrude and then recede back into the rectum. This particular homeopathic medicine is recommended when there is a sensation of constipation, accompanied by the passage of hard, round stool resembling black balls of sheep dung. It is beneficial in cases where the stool remains in the intestines for a prolonged period, leading to a hardened and bloated abdomen. Opium is also useful for treating constipation caused by the misuse of enemas. 


Alumina remedy is highly beneficial for treating constipation as it improves the movement of the intestines. It is particularly effective for individuals who experience significant straining to pass stool. The stool may vary in consistency, but it is difficult to pass and requires considerable effort. There may be a sensation of constriction in the rectum during bowel movements, accompanied by cutting pains in the anus. In some cases, blood may be observed in the stool. Those who require this remedy often do not have a daily bowel movement and lack the desire to pass stool until there is a significant accumulation in the intestines. This medicine can be particularly helpful for children, including nursing infants and bottle-fed babies, as well as elderly individuals suffering from constipation.


Bryonia is a valuable homeopathic remedy for addressing gastrointestinal issues, including constipation, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting.

For constipation, Bryonia is highly effective in cases of persistent difficulty passing stool. The stool is dry, hard, and large, resembling burned material. Straining is often necessary, and there may be protrusion of the rectum during bowel movements. The stool may feel unsatisfactory, and a sense of heaviness is experienced in the rectum. Offensive flatus and even headaches can be associated with this type of constipation.

Additionally, Bryonia is beneficial for relieving stomach pains. Those who require this remedy experience cutting, griping, and shooting pain, particularly around the navel region. The pain can be severe enough to make the person double over, and it may worsen with movement. Colic tends to be worse before passing stool, and there may be abdominal distension with rumbling and gurgling sounds.

Furthermore, Bryonia is helpful for addressing symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Vomiting typically occurs shortly after eating and has a bitter or sour taste. Hiccups and belching may accompany the vomiting, with the belching being bitter, sour, or reminiscent of the ingested food.


Lycopodium is a recommended homeopathic remedy for individuals experiencing certain rectal symptoms such as constipation associated with Liver complaints. The stool consistency typically involves hard, small stools that are not fully expelled. The initial part of the stool may be difficult to pass, while the last part is thin and gushing. Stools are often pale, putrid, thin, and brown, sometimes mixed with hard lumps. Spasmodic constriction of the anus can prevent the proper expulsion of stool. Aching and pressure in the rectum worsen at night and may be accompanied by bleeding piles.


Constipation associated with Piles, Collinsonia is a suitable homeopathic remedy for constipation characterized by hard, light-colored stools, intense straining, and accompanying faintness is recommended. In addition, the presence of mucus and blood in the stool is also noted.

Relieving Constipation in Children with Homeopathy

Constipation is a prevalent issue among infants and children. To effectively address and manage childhood chronic constipation, it is crucial to help parents comprehend the underlying cycle. Various life milestones such as weaning, toilet training, transitions to kindergarten or school, bouts of febrile illness, and overseas holidays can contribute to an increased risk of constipation. By recognizing these factors, parents can take proactive measures to promote successful management of constipation in their children.

Homeopathic remedies offer an alternative approach to support your baby’s natural bowel movements. By incorporating homeopathy into the treatment plan, you can empower your baby’s body to regulate their digestion more effectively, providing relief from constipation. Constipation becomes more common once kids start to eat solid foods.

Home Remedies for Relieving Baby’s Constipation

Taking care of your baby’s constipation at home can be done with these simple remedies. Always consult your doctor before making any changes:

  • If you’re bottle feeding, consult your doctor about trying a different brand of formula before considering a switch.
  • For babies older than 4 months, offer a little extra water, but not more than 1-2 ounces per day. Remember to seek advice from your doctor first.
  • Introduce solid foods that are high in fiber, such as pureed prunes, peas, or cereals made with barley or whole wheat.
  • Help your baby assume a squatting posture by gently bending their knees toward their chest. This position can make passing stool easier. You can also try gently exercising their legs in a bicycle motion.
  • A warm bath can help relax your baby’s muscles and promote bowel movements.
  • Massage your baby’s belly gently in a clockwise motion to stimulate digestion.

Homeopathic Medicine for Constipation in Children

Constipation is a common issue in babies, and there are homeopathic remedies available to help alleviate this problem. The remedies mentioned earlier have shown effectiveness in treating constipation in babies, but it’s important to remember that homeopathic treatment is personalized to each individual. Through thorough discussion and understanding of the underlying causes, a suitable remedy can be prescribed to support the body’s natural ability to regulate bowel movements.

Calc Carbonica

This remedy is suitable if your baby appears indifferent despite being constipated, with inactive bowels. Look for signs of sweating around the back of the head and a chubby, contented appearance. They may also be sensitive to milk protein or lactose and experience constipation during teething.


Nux-Vomica is recommended for constipated babies who seem impatient or determined. These babies are independent and may get frustrated with developmental milestones more easily. If your baby has been given conventional medicine that upsets their system, such as a laxative, and they experience difficulty pushing without results, Nux-Vomica can be beneficial.


If your baby’s stool is hard, small, and dark, and they struggle to push them out, Silica may be helpful. The stool may come partway out and then retract. Babies may have frequent, unsatisfactory trips to the bathroom with a lot of pushing. Silica is also suitable if constipation coincides with slow and difficult teething. Additionally, it can address reduced appetite, poor weight gain, and the presence of small tears (fissures) in the anus.

Homeopathy offers a safe and effective approach to managing constipation by considering the unique symptoms and constitution of each individual. Along with homeopathic remedies, adopting healthy lifestyle modifications can further enhance the results. If you’re experiencing chronic or severe constipation, consult Dr. Beri for personalized guidance and treatment. Remember, finding relief from constipation is possible with the gentle and holistic approach of homeopathy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are laxatives safe in constipation?

While conventional medicine often relies on laxatives to treat chronic constipation, it is important to note that long-term use of laxatives can have drawbacks. They can become habit-forming, leading to dependence on them for regular bowel movements.

Is constipation common during pregnancy, and are homeopathic remedies safe to use for relief?

Constipation is a common issue that many pregnant women experience. It happens because the growing uterus puts pressure on the rectum, which is part of the bowel. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also slow down bowel movements.

When it comes to treating constipation during pregnancy, homeopathic remedies are a safe option. These remedies have no side effects and do not harm the mother or the baby.

What Foods can cause Constipation?

Certain dietary factors can contribute to constipation. Consuming a diet rich in high-fat meats, dairy products, eggs, sweets, and processed foods may increase the risk of constipation. These foods are low in fiber, which is important for maintaining regular bowel movements.

In addition, inadequate fluid intake can also play a role in constipation. Not drinking enough water and other fluids can lead to harder stools, making them more challenging to pass.

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